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Procure 21+

ProCure 21+ is a partnering framework which provides NHS Trusts with a highly efficient means of delivering exemplary healthcare solutions on time and within budget.

NHS Trusts are able to choose from a list of carefully selected Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) which offer a comprehensive range of services to help them plan, design and build their schemes to a Guaranteed Maximum Price agreed before construction starts.

Creating and supporting long-term relationships, ProCure 21+ delivers increased certainty of cost, programme and quality and allows Trusts to rapidly mobilise projects while benefitting from the skills and expertise of supply chains with extensive NHS experience.

ProCure 21+ is used to deliver healthcare facilities across the UK, including major acute services such as cardiac units and diagnostic and treatment centres. It has also been used to deliver community hospitals, primary care centres and a range of mental health units from forensic to low secure units.

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